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PO Box 6307
Austin, TX 78702
T: 512-228-2900

Music industry veteran Rob Seidenberg founded Fiesta Red Records, which is based in Austin, in the summer of 2012. Prior to that, he lived and worked in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA as, among other things, the president of Mammoth Records; a record producer, music supervisor and musician; an A&R executive at Hollywood Records and Rykodisc; and a journalist/editor covering the worlds of music and film. He has worked with such artists as Los Lobos, Fastball, John Wesley Harding, the Posies, Joe Henry, Coolbone, Cody ChesnuTT & the Crosswalk, the Juliana Theory, the Minus 5 and the Young Fresh Fellows.

Several years ago, Seidenberg escaped the sinking industry ship on the two American coasts and decamped to the Texas capital, where he hid out for a while, trying to figure out the "new realities" of an industry that seismically shifts every week.

While some might question of starting up a new label, Seidenberg knows exactly why he’s doing it. In his words, “I know and love the power of an awesome song, and I thrive on the excitement of sharing fantastic music with friends and strangers alike. With Fiesta Red, I plan to release amazing songs, played and sung with great feeling and intent."

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