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Fiesta Red FR-009

Released : January 15, 2016


  1.  Hey Baby Hey

  2.  Interstellar Data Grab

  3.  The Big River

  4.  Still Bleeding

  5.  Chop Down the Mountains

  6.  Drown Me in the Water

  7.  My Heart on Your Sleeve

  8.  One Wrong Move

  9.  My Hands Are Tied

  10.  I'll Never Stop Crying

Globe Factory No. 23


Interstellar Data Grab offers vivid, hook filled, post-literate explorations of a modern landscape cluttered with confidence men, scofflaws, hobgoblins, liars and thieves (a description not limited to just our infamous politicians).


The fourth release by Globe Factory No. 23, the solo project of Rob Seidenberg, a veteran producer and record exec in Austin, Texas, Interstellar Data Grab begins with “Hey Baby Hey,” a search for peace of mind and body in this malignant 21st century landscape. From there it rockets to the extra-terrestrial rock of its title track (which considers the absolute loss of privacy); through a scathing (but poppy) gaze at the dangers of political buffoonery (“Still Bleeding”); and a moody, nerve-wracking Mexican border crossing under cover of thunder and night (“The Big River”); into a rapturous baptismal desire for a brand new start (“Drown Me in the Water”); and finally to a solemn consideration of the deep scars left by loss and tragedy (“I’ll Never Stop Crying”). 


Though it’s not without humor and driving rock & roll, the picture painted here is not pretty. In this world, one must endlessly search for safety, security, reassurance and just plain company. Those human comforts can be found, but it’s best to remember that your most menacing enemy may live just down the street.

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