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Fiesta Red FR-011

Released : September 16, 2016


1. Wannabe

2. Madre & Taco (This Tear-Down Town)

3. Ask Me Now

4. Artificial Tears

5. Foot in the Door

Globe Factory No. 23

Through the Listening Glass

For this EP, Globe Factory No. 23, the longtime recording entity of Rob Seidenberg, became much more of a band. For these five tunes, Seidenberg stepped "through the listening glass" at a studio down the street and laid down the basic tracks live with some of his most trusted and simpatico buddies (as opposed to playing and recording most everything himself, as he usually does). This allowed him to enter a brave new technicolor world of deeper-than-ever musical explorations. Lyrically, it's a no-holds-barred view of life as we know it, full of strivers and confidence men doing their damnedest to strip away all dignity and joy, while our physical environment is wrecking-balled into oblivion. In the end, though, what wins out is truth and passion, and the power of song.

With the participation of Kevin Lovejoy (Kevin Lovejoy Trio); Bonesaw and Hoag (Full Service); Tim and Jay Bennett (Colin Gilmore); Will Maxwell (Dreamboat); Wendy Harte (Pippi Eats Cherries); Suzanne and Jonathan Thelin (Staylyns). Basic tracks recorded by James Stevens (Moonlight Towers).

Wannabe from Through the Listening Glass

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