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Fiesta Red FR-005

Released : April 2, 2013


  1.  Anemic Souls

  2.  Sameness-ness

  3.  Fracture

  4.  Better Than Nothin’

  5.  Sneaking Suspicion

Blank Slate


Austin-based trio Blank Slate has just released their second of two debut EPs (The Red EP). With this 5-song collection, which follows in the wake of EP number one (The Blue EP), the band broadens their emotional and sonic palette. It’s hard charging, guitar-based rock & roll with an impressive range. There are magnificent guitar flourishes​—“Anemic Souls” alone features two blistering solos, one a shredder, the other reminiscent of Blow by Blow era Jeff Beck--an acerbic dismantling of Me-Tooism (“Sameness-ness”); a sublime guitar pop exploration of challenging romance (“Better Than Nothin’”); an atmospheric descent into human frailty (“Fracture”); and a jaunty, sardonic look at the insanity of friends and family (“Sneaking Suspicion”).

Produced by Steve Glazer & Rob Seidenberg

Recorded by Rob Seidenberg at Waller Sound, Austin, TX

Mixed by Chico Jones at Ohm Recording, Austin, TX

Mastered by Andy Gallas

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