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Fiesta Red FR-007

Released : August 26, 2014


  1.  The Summer of ’72

  2.  Everything That I’ve Heard

  3.  The Music Lives On

  4.  Grab It Now

  5.  Catch Ya Later

  6.  The Girl with the Crooked Nose

  7.  The Right Way to Do Wrong

  8.  Vanna Dean

  9.  He Said, She Said

  10.  Sleepwalking

  11.  It Only Hurts When I Laugh

  12.  I Want to Dream

  13.  Lament for Kombo Kolombia (The Day La Musica Died)

Globe Factory No. 23


For someone who came of age in late 20th century America, glorious songs provided a constant soundtrack to a life that raced by at 45 revolutions per minute. Or so it seemed. As tune after tune poured forth, sonic revelations took place at a blinding pace. 

That sensation became the springboard for Original Sins for Copycats, the second album by Globe Factory No. 23, the solo project of Rob Seidenberg, a veteran producer and record executive in Austin, Texas.

Released August 26, 2014 on Fiesta Red Records, the album begins in “The Summer of ’72,” referencing the early sounds that shaped Seidenberg’s sensibility, and concludes with a real-life story of music tragically silenced: the horrific assassination of a popular Mexican band (“Lament for Kombo Kolombia [The Day la Música Died]”). In all, the album’s 13 songs form a narrative birthed at a time of relative innocence and extinguished in an exceedingly more complex, bedeviled age.

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